You guys, cooking is super easy.

I often wonder if anyone appreciates a cook anymore.  I am not talking about someone who can pull a recipe book off a shelf and follow it to a T, no, I am talking about someone who can look in a refrigerator, see six random items, and create a delicious, healthy meal from them.  I do this everyday.  The problem is, most people don’t think they can.  But, I am here to tell you it is possible, and you might be surprised at how easy and FAST it is to cook at home with what you already have.  I mean, you will have to go to the store, obviously, but I recommend going a few times a week–that way you know what you’re cooking with is fresh, and actual food.

Which brings me to a big no-no of this site.  And yeah, I am already telling you what to do.  Stop buying packaged food.  Right now.  Stop it.  It’s not real food.  I promise.  There is a whole back story to this, which I will let you know about as I post different ideas.

So, here is my 1 in a billion shot at conveying what I think a pretty brilliant way of doing things in the kitchen.  I hope you enjoy it.