Fitness Fail–When a Favorite Exercise Just Doesn’t Work Anymore

I was thinking the other day about how much I used to run…at my peak, I was logging 35-40 miles per week.  I ran four half-marathons and one full marathon in just under 2 1/2 years.  Coupled with my 3-4 cycling classes, plus at least an hour of weightlifting a week, I was working out A LOT.  I loved it, but I was going pretty hard.

And then the knee pain started.

It didn’t go away.

So, in June of this year, I started something I thought I always despised (or, at least thought was not a real workout): yoga.  Hot yoga.  Everyday.  Sometimes twice a day.

Let me say this, I have more muscle mass, more LEAN muscle mass than before when I was running, cycling, and lifting like a crazy person.

I still go for occasional runs, but yoga has become the predominate form of exercise for me.  Also, at almost 33 years old, I just think my body wanted a change.  And, my yoga studio offers a multitude of classes–even one using lighter weights–that have just completely changed my body.

I am ten pounds over my weight from when I was running, etc., but I look and feel

better than I ever have.

I’ll take those ten pounds.


5 thoughts on “Fitness Fail–When a Favorite Exercise Just Doesn’t Work Anymore

  1. Actually I quite like bikram yoga, not that I do it all that often, but I find it as hard as any workout I might do…but relaxing at the same time. I did grow up in the tropics, so used to humidity…

    On knees, the thing that I find from power/weight-lifting is that through squatting my knees have improved over the years…

    Take care…

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