Radical Education

Yesterday, while on lunch duty with the K-3 crowd, I asked one student what she had for lunch.  Before she answered (this being a first grader, so you know the answer is never the FIRST thing they tell you), she proceded to let me know that the hot lunch was chicken nuggets.  The following conversation ensued:

Me: Don’t you like chicken nuggets.

Girl: Well, I do, but I don’t eat them.

Me: Why not?

Girl: They have nitrates.

Me: (Knowing this, of course) Do they?  What are nitrates?

Girl: They’re a chemical that’s in some meat.

Me: Did your mom tell you about this?

Girl: No, my dad did.  He’s pretty smart.

Me: I’ll say!

Personally, I don’t think she’s missing out on her childhood because she doesn’t eat chicken nuggets (I am guessing that’d be some people’s argument to this little story).  We never had the luxury of eating out while growing up, so my mom made everything we ate.

I know I didn’t miss out on my childhood because I didn’t have chicken nuggets.

Kids say the funniest things, don’t they?


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