Golden Globe Dresses, or Who Looked Stunning and Who Looked Awful

I DID cook, but my Quinoa with Shitakes, Garlic, Broccoli, and Almonds is NOT the topic of conversation tonight. (I’ll post the recipe tomorrow, and bonus!, I am making soup, too.)

So, on with the show.  I love awards shows.  Mostly for the dresses, but I still like watching them.

And who doesn’t appreciate some gorgeous gowns?  I grew up reading Vogue magazine, so my love of fashion is rooted in classic, couture, high fashion.  Here are a few of my favorites tonight:


I am leading with Garner because red is my least favorite color, but she really does look good in this dress.  She just looks good, period.


Julianne!  I have to say, this is probably the most age-appropriate, elegant look I saw all night.  Now, don’t take age-appropriate for “dowdy” or “boring.”  Not at all.  She really is very pretty, and I love this on her.


Emily!  I need to borrow this, call me!

Shoulders!  She pulls this off like gangbusters.  CLASSIC.


Naomi, not sure the color is EXACTLY right, but you wear it well (the whole thing, that is).  Nice keyhole–not too much showing, very classy.


Jessica might win the evening because this color is PERFECT for her.  She looks stunning–the hair, lipstick, that NECKLACE.  Killer, girl.

Michelle Dockery

Michelle Dockery makes the grade mostly because Downton Abbey might be one of the best shows on TV (PBS!).  This shoulder look is killer–I seriously love it.  I love the high necks.  I almost wish the bottom wasn’t white, but the gold is OFF THE CHAIN.  Well done!


Adele knows how to dress. Maybe because she’s a Brit, maybe because she knows what looks good on her body, I don’t know.  She looks fantastic tonight.  Really nice.


I can’t leave Kate Hudson out because she is just so cute.  However, something isn’t jiving for me with this dress.  I love the shoulder and the long sleeves.  Obvi.  I don’t know if the combo keyhole/gladiator belt is too much, or what, but let’s just say HONORABLE MENTION for this look.  Almost, Kate.  Almost.

And, the worst of the night: well, it’s a tie.  I couldn’t decide who looked stupider.  So, here are the picks for “My Five-Year Old Niece Could Have Picked a Better Dress. Blindfolded.”


Lucy.  Oh. My. GOODNESS.  The Palace at Versailles called, and they want the Queen’s drapes back.  Someone please remind Ms. Liu that it’s 2013!


Jennifer, Jennifer.  NO.  Just, no.  I saw you on stage, and you couldn’t even WALK in this monstrosity.  We get it, it’s an illusion…you’re not really naked under that lace.  And your boyfriend is like 18 years old.  WE GET IT.  Stop trying so hard!

AND just because I want to, here is a picture of Amy Adams (who looked so-so tonight in a peachy/nude colored strapless number) from the 2011 Oscars.  This is an Oscar de la Renta, and it is hands down my favorite color/look ever.


See you tomorrow…with some food posts:)


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