It’s COLD Outside Quick and Easy Asian Egg Drop Soup (OV)

Um, California, ahem!, San DIEGO, why you gotta be so cold?

This is no lie, people.  It was 36 degrees last night!  36! Sunday night it is supposed to be 32!

This is NOT what I signed up for.

Did you know I worked out practically all day yesterday IN TWO JACKETS so as not to be cold?  And the wind…geez!

I know, we Californians are wimps.  But low-to-mid- 50s in the daytime and into the 30s at night is just not right.  I had to actually close my bedroom window which I leave open 365 days a year because this ultra-cold weather nonsense just doesn’t happen by the beach.

So, last night after getting back from HOT yoga (105 degrees, thank GOODNESS), I made a fire in the living room (we don’t have central air or heat here because, WHY?  Our average temps are between 65-72!), but I was still chilly.

A quick soup, perhaps?  Why, yes.  That sounds lovely!

Quick Asian-y Egg Drop Soup

I say Asian-y with all due respect.  I am not an authority on Asian food, but I understand flavors, so I thought, why not try my hand at this VERY quick little soup?

1 bag of Tofu noodles (or rice noodles are ok, too)

Water (or veg. broth)

Soy or Teriyaki sauce

1 lime wedge

1 egg, beaten

handful baby spinach

red pepper to taste

salt/pepper to taste (though, if you use soy, maybe lay off extra salt

photo (28)

One egg, beaten

photo (29)

A little lime

Rinse out the tofu noodles.  If you have never seen these before, they are usually in the refrigerated section with the other tofu products in your store.  I only shop at Sprouts (formerly Henry’s), so I have no idea if you can get them at more mainstream grocery chains like Vons or Ralph’s.  They are kind of amazing, though.  I think the whole bag has about 12 calories.  Anyway, rinse these well, and put in your saucepan with enough water or veg. broth to more than cover them (just eyeball it, maybe 2 cups–a nice amount for a broth soup).  Put this on the stove over med-high heat.

Next, add your soy and teriyaki sauces (I would do a couple splashes of soy, and maybe a 1/4 cup of teriyaki)

Add a handful of spinach and some red pepper. Squeeze in the wedge of lime.

All in

All in

Bring to a boil for a few mins, then turn down to med-low.

Have your egg beaten, and in a small bowl ready to go.

With a steady hand, SLOWLY drizzle the egg as you stir the soup as to create egg ribbons.

Ready to serve

Ready to serve

Once this is done, SERVE.

It was pretty tasty, if I do say so.  And I needed that hot soup in this freakishly cold weather!

Five-minute soup!

Five-minute soup!

Stay warm:)


Sweet Potatoes and Eggs, Awesome Style (OV)

BREAKFAST.  This has to be one of the best words in the English language.

I love breakfast. So muuuuuch.

And, since I am unemployed at the moment, I usually eat breakfast around 9:30-10:00 a.m., which means I eat two meals a day most days.  And I like a BIG breakfast.

Since I know all 11 of you who read this blog were dying to know if I ever use leftovers, I do.  In fact, I used the chicken from the crockpot recipe on the sweet potato recipe for my roommate the other day.  Today, I found a way to use the sweet potatoes (I had two halves left), along with my homemade bread.

So THERE. I can be resourceful.

I always have eggs in the house, because if society didn’t frown on it, I would probably eat a dozen a day.  I just love eggs–cooked any way.


Anyway, you want a quick, ridiculously good breakfast?  Here it is!

Sweet Potatoes and Eggs, Awesome Style

three eggs (or just two, if you are a normal person, not a freak like me)

half of a cooked sweet potato

half of an avocado

cilantro, finely diced

one green onion stalk

bread to toast

olive oil/canola spray

Love of my life

Love of my life

First, dice the cilantro and green onion, cube the avocado.  Set aside.  If you don’t have avocado, no worries.  Use a little red or green pepper (if you have jarred and marinated, those will work too).  I am lucky that in So. California, we have avocados coming out of our ears.

I actually grew up next door to a family that had a whole grove.  I mean, you came home with guacamole all over your feet.  It was pretty sweet.  Plus, we had a maniacally overproductive apricot tree, so there was always a trade going on between the families.

Sorry, I love stories.

Basically, the eggs are the only thing that need to be cooked, but the potatoes need a little life.  Put a little olive oil in a hot, medium-sized skillet to brown and heat with the green onion.  This only takes 5-6 minutes.  Push them all over to one side, spray a little canola oil on the empty side, crack the eggs (on a flat surface, since it will save you from getting shell in the pan) on the other side.

With the eggs

Step one

Without the eggs

I break the yolks and just start mixing.  Don’t worry, it’s gonna taste good, it doesn’t have to look like it came out of Vogue magazine.

Throw the avo in there at the last minute, plate, and sprinkle the cilantro on top.  Toast your bread, and eat this monster up!



Use your favorite hot sauce (come onnnnnnn, you know I love red pepper, so of course I LOVE all hot sauces).

By the way, it was really good:)